Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Theakston Best British Crime Novel Award

My Sean Duffy novel I Hear The Sirens In The Street has been longlisted for the Theakston Best British Crime Novel Award. If I make the shortlist the general public gets to decide the winner so I will keep you informed about that. Its a pretty tough longlist though so we'll see. Anyway here's the list in full (below). Mi compadres Stu Neville and Ian Rankin are on here and I'm rooting for Cathi Unsworth who is also published by Serpents Tail (I haven't met her but I have read her stuff and she is terrific!) 
I'm slightly annoyed about the inclusion of the Malcolm Mackay novel as, but for him I would have had the longest title of the bunch, although I do have the title with the most words in it which makes me happy because I've always been told by marketing and PR types that shorter titles work better* 

Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham
Like This, For Ever by Sharon Bolton
A Wanted Man by Lee Child
Until You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes
The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter by Malcolm Mackay
The Chessmen by Peter May
I Hear The Sirens In The Street by Adrian McKinty
The Red Road by Denise Mina
Ratlines by Stuart Neville
Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin
Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson
Eleven Days by Stav Sherez
Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth

*and thus in a decade long campaign of perversity I've been attempting, not always successfully, to give my novels longer and longer titles.