Monday, October 24, 2011

Duff Beer

The beard is really starting to get out of control now
Homer Simpson's beer of choice is Duff. On the show it's usually characterised as a lousy product that's been shrewdly marketed to idiots. Despite this many companies have asked to license the name Duff Beer and have always been turned down. Matt Groening doesn't want Duff beer to be licensed because he says it would cheapen the fictional brand and he doesn't want to encourage under age drinking. These are both pretty good reasons if you ask me. Fox's lawyers have gone after anyone who has tried to sell Duff beer and they've shut a few operations in Australia and the US. There is a Duff beer that's made in Mexico that Fox is going after at the moment and the one I tried last night is brewed in Germany and it probably won't last too long until the lawyers close it down too. 
The big question of course is how does it taste? If Beer Rater is to be believed Duff is supposed to be terrible. But, actually, it's not that bad. For a start because it's brewed in Germany it is legally required to follow the Reinheitsgebot which guarantees certain minimum standards in German beer and although I am not a beer geek I didn't notice much difference from your bog standard lager. The head did not over foam, there was no metallic bitterness, the beer was pleasantly drinkable and the aftertaste (such as it was) had a pleasing citrus quality to it. If I was pushed I'd say that there were mild lemon notes and a slightly annoying sweetness. I've definitely had worse. Duff is a bland, harmless little beer and although I will certainly never be buying another one a chilled bottle on a very hot day wouldn't hurt at all.