Thursday, March 30, 2017


We just found out that we're being evicted from our house in St Kilda after 9 years.  This is depressing for all of us because it's the house my kids have grown up in. I imagine it's going to be pretty stressful over the next few weeks looking for a new place for us and the kids so I'm going to be taking a blogging break and reassessing things a la my writing career. I think its probably time for me to go back to working full time until we're a bit more settled. The blogging break could be a few weeks or months or perhaps longer if the search for a place is more protracted. Thought I wd explain the upcoming radio silence in advance so no one is worried that it's anything more serious. We're fine. I am also unable to take or moderate comments at the moment as I dont have a permanent internet connection. Apologies for that! Ciao for now and do be good.